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OC Micro-Cap Fund

Fund Description The OC Micro-Cap Fund is a long-only, benchmark-unaware unit trust with a target investment universe of securities listed, or about to list, on the ASX or the New Zealand Stock Exchange.
Objective The Fund aims to provide investors with strong long-term capital growth by investing in micro-cap companies with sustainable business models and attractive investment qualities.
Stock range 25 - 60 stocks
Cash limit 0 - 20%
Management fee 1.20% p.a. (including GST net of RITC)
Performance fee 20.5% (including GST net of RITC) of the difference between the Fund's daily return and its benchmark (provided returns are positive)
Performance hurdle S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Accumulation Index
High-water mark Yes
Buy/sell spread 0.30%
Minimum investment $5,000
Redemptions payable Usually within 7 days
Distributions Yearly (30 June)
Entry fee Nil
Exit fee Nil
Distribution Reinvestment Plan Available
APIR code OPS0004AU
ISIN code AU60OPS00040


"Our view is that equity markets can be emotional, backward looking and inefficient, particularly among smaller companies where there can be a lot of market 'noise'. We are looking to exploit mis-pricing opportunities in the micro-cap space where we believe the market-pricing mechanism isn't always efficient."


  • Diversified portfolio of micro-cap equities that offer compelling investment opportunities
  • Designed for investors seeking diversification and strong capital growth over the long term
  • Suitable for those looking to complement their core direct large and mid-cap Australian equities holdings


  • Managed by OC, a highly rated and seasoned smaller companies investment manager
  • Supported by a long-standing and well-resourced team, Head of Investments, Robert Frost, has successfully managed small and micro-cap portfolios since 2001


  • Investors gain exposure to the team's proven bottom-up, benchmark-unaware and internally driven investment process that has delivered investors strong long-term returns across all market cycles
  • OC has strong relationships with management teams and a deep understanding of the Australian micro-cap space which gives OC unique insight and deep understanding of the companies in which the team invests


  • The Fund has a long-term track record of generating alpha for investors through a wide variety of markets






Prices at 18/08/2017 Application Price Net Asset Value Redemption Price Unit Price History
OC Micro-Cap Fund 1.9106 1.9049 1.8992 Click Here

* Please note the unit prices ex-distribution post 30 June 2017.






To 31 July 2017 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year 3 Years (p.a.) 5 Years (p.a.) Since incep (p.a.)
OC Micro-Cap Fund 2.8% 7.3% 1.9% 8.3% 12.4% 16.9% 13.1%
S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Accumulation Index 3.0% 4.2% -6.1% -8.7% 5.0% 0.4% 3.8%
Outperformance -0.2% 3.1% 8.0% 17.0% 7.4% 16.5% 9.3%

In October 2016, the OC Concentrated Equity Fund became the OC Micro-Cap Fund. The Fund previously comprised three underlying investment strategies, one of which, the Emerging Leaders strategy, is now the primary underlying investment strategy of the OC Micro-Cap Fund.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The total return performance figures quoted are historical, calculated using end-of-month mid prices and do not allow for the effects of income tax or inflation. Total returns assume the reinvestment of all distributions. The performance is quoted net of all fees and expenses. The indices do not incur these costs. This information is provided for general comparative purposes. Positive returns, which the OC Micro-Cap Fund (the Fund) is designed to provide, are different regarding risk and investment profile to index returns. A performance fee of 20.5% is accrued daily on any excess performance (after deducting the management fee) above the performance benchmark within a performance period. Any accrued performance fee will become payable if the Fund's return is positive at the end of the performance period. If the Fund's return is negative, any performance fee accrual will continue to be carried forward.

The performance benchmark is the return of the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Accumulation Index.

The inception date of the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Accumulation Index is 31 December 2003.


  • Ausmaq
  • BT Wrap
  • FirstWrap (IDPS and Super)
  • Linear
  • Macquarie Wrap
  • Macquarie Wrap (Super)

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